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Question: Dear Sista, my husband & I have been having marrital problems due to a pornography addiction he has been battling thru out our 10yr marriage. To make a long story short, i have stood by his side thru it all. He has been working real hard lately to make up for the damage that has been done to our relationship. The problem is that im screwed up emotionally from this. There is trust,insecurity & self esteem issues that I have a hard time dealing with. Many of our arguments stem from his lack of sensitivity & patience with these feelings. He gets frustrated with me because I cant move fwd. A problem that could of been solved with undrstanding & love is answered with anger & pride.I am frustrated & ready to give up. I feel like I have stood by his side thru so much heartache but when I need him he is quick to abandon me. I have worked very hard @ my marriage and am hurt that he wont do them same for me.For the love of my kids I will try to endure all I can but I am wondering if this marriage is worth it my sanity.
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