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Dear Sista Advices
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Dear Sista, I hava always been curious to tight knit communities. Why do people get other people's business. Especially in a community that is strong religion that teaches us to be christ like and not to cast the first stone. Its seems like we take things for granted. I only wish that we can become better brother and sistahs and become bettah nieghbors and even a bettah community by just loving one another and not getting into someone elses business and making gossip out of it. Just wanted your thoughts on this. Mahalo Curious

Dear Curious,

I guess as long as we're doing what we're supposed to be doing with our lives i.e. living the gospel as we should (tight knit community or not) nothing anyone says about us should matter.

Tusi (Omaha, Nebraska, USA)

Dear Curious,

Funny you should ask that question. I say Amen to that! My philosophy on why people get into other people's business is this...They probably don't have a life and have nothing better to do than to talk about someone else or something just to excite themselves and those around them. And if those around them add to the fire they probably don't have a life either. Yes, the Gospel teaches each of us to love and be Christ like, but we're all human and aren't exempt (myself included) from doing stupid things that humans do simply because they don't THINK first.  Gossip is a disease that I'm afraid has permeated this community, and if we're not careful, we can do some serious damage by way of severing long time relationships with people we love.

I know of a few individuals who make up stories just so they have something to talk about. I also know others who are always cutting everyone and everything down or just totally burning bridges left and right simply because they have "diarrhea of the mouth" and cannot seem to keep it shut! These are individuals that perhaps think (in their minds) that they are popular just because they always have something to say and they think everyone is listening and approves. But in reality, they are very lonely that's why they have to make things up. Perhaps they never heard of the phrase, "The Devil finds work for idle (hands) minds."

So it all boils down to this.  We ALL need to help each other to be more positive human beings; but first be positive about ourselves... and when we have mastered that, all good things will fall into place. "Positive reaps positive as negative reaps...(well my version is) negative reaps stupidity!" So when someone wants to be niele and get their noses into everybody's business, just say "Eh! Mind your own,  get a life, and go find something better to do!"  I say these things in Jesus name...AMEN!  

Sista (La'ie, HI, USA)

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