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Dear Sista Advices
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Dear Sista, I am 17 years old and planning to go to college when I graduate from high school. I am a straight A student. I have received letters in the mail from Stanford and Harvard. My parents are discouraging me from going to either one because they don't think they can afford it. In fact they can't afford it. I have worked hard to get where I am and to not have my parents support me is very disappointing.
Dear Disappointed,

At least with Harvard, the goal is to make sure that everyone who can get in can afford it.  Their tuition is on a sliding scale, so if your parent don't make much money, your tuition will be lower.  There are alos lots of ways to get financial aid.  Go ahead and apply to Harvard.  If they accept you, you will be able to make it work.

Good luck,

Anon (Provo, US)

Dear Disappointed,

I am certain that your parents are also disappointed that they cannot make your dreams come true.  Understand that from their end it is heartbreaking too.  Though those colleges are wonderful you can also get a great education somewhere less expensive.   Do what you can to try to find the money but if you can't afford it remember to bloom where you grow.

pohakulua (Provo, Utah, United States)

Dear Disappointed,

I applaud you for your perseverance in getting good grades and preparing for college. I think it's awesome you got letters from Stanford and Harvard...Sista neva even smell HPU or UH and I had to beg BYUH to let me in. Anyway...you are doing great for you. 

As far as your parents are concerned with not having the means to support you...until you become a parent you will never understand why parents think they way they do. I'm sure if they had the means, they would support you 100%. There are tons of scholarships available to students of your caliber. I advise you to see your school Counselor ASAP, as they get paid to assist students on scholarships, etc. Honey, you're a straight A student you should at least know that. You should be guaranteed scholarships with all the A's your getting. Check things out and get back to me.  I would love to hear of your progress. In the meantime, be patient with mom and dad.  Hard times are hard times.  Don't be disappointed in your parents. Pay attention to their moral support because I'm sure their there 100%, it's just the financial stuff that gets in the way. Perhaps if your parents explain to you why they feel the way they do you'll understand...so don't stop at them...get the money yourself if you have to; but try to do it without selling yourself or drugs...LOL! Just a little Sista humor there. 

Welcome to the real world babe!

Sista (La'ie, HI, USA)

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