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Dear Sista, I grew up in Laie and miss all the fun we use to have. Carnivals, Bazaars at Laie elementary school, Thursday night specials at PCC theater, what happened to all of that?

Dear Missing the Good Old Days,

Funny, I've thought that about too! La'ie was so much fun when we were growing up with with all the impromptu performances, community carnivals and bazaars we had a blast when we were kids. Those Thursday Night Specials hosted by "Uncle Jack" Uale was always a fun (free) family activity. What a treat that was to listen to great homegrown talent such as Keenan Kanahele, Shawn Keliiliki, The Fiso girls (Dofi Faaso and Oli Tuia) Moana Allen, Tweety Kaluahine Juarez, Lupe Funaki Piena and many others who just had fun entertaining.  I still remember participating in Eddie Maiava's "Up with the Stars" concerts hosted by Delsa Moe and Miller Soliai...what a blast that was. It's sad now because all our fun is revolved around "liability" and "show me da money".  Hmmm....so not La'ie!

Sista (La'ie, HI, USA)

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