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Dear Sista Advices
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Dear Sista, Can you please tell me what the secret is to financially surviving in Hawaii? I miss home and really want to raise my kids there. I want them to have the experiences that I had attending laie elementry...mayday,culture day,etc... It just seems impossible to be able to afford to raise my family in Hawaii. Any tips on how I could move my family home?
Dear stuck in the mainland,

I too miss Laie, Hawaii so much, and my wife wanted to come back to enjoy the hang loose lifestyle which we miss the most. Here are my observation on how people can survive to live in Hawaii (excluding those wealthy people who live in Hawaii Kai):

1. Have a family whom owns a property/house.
2. Have multiple jobs, or husband and wife both work.
3. Count every pennies of your expenses.
4. Willing to downgrade from 4 bedrooms to 2 bedroom apt/house.
5. If you think that you afford to buy a home, make sure that there are a/some space(s) to rent out to help pay mortgage payments.

If you can meet at least 3 of suggestions above, I think you  and your family can survive there.

Those are my spare two cents.  Throw more of your two cents, people :)

Me_2_Want_To_Go_Back (Provo, UT, USA)

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