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Dear Sista, What are your Christmas traditions?

Dear Anonymous,

As far as Christmas traditions I am not the "traditional" type. I actually prefer to consider that everyday is Christmas and we should treat each other as we would on Christmas morning...NICE! As far as a food tradition (which is most important) Our mother has always put tons of food on the table (Cinnamon rolls, ham, roast, rice, potato salad, jello salad, hot vegetables, butter rolls, etc.) on Christmas day and all we did was walk back and forth to that table all day to feed our faces...it shows now. I was the terrible kid that didn't want my presents wrapped because to me it was a waste of paper and took too much time for me to get to my gift.  I don't like surprises, I'd rather you just give me what you were going to give me...saves time and money. I didn't like decorating the Christmas tree because it took too long.  I did like the end result however, but ask me to decorate?  Forget it! I'm sure once I have my own family I may have a change of heart and do all the usual Christmas stuff, but for now...time is of essence and it's better to be NICE everyday and not waste any of it on grudges! Christmas is not Christmas if you have grudges right?

Sista (La'ie, HI, USA)

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