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Dear Sista, I have had overwhelming and difficult personal challenges lasting for over 2 years. I haven't had a vacation or any fun during that time. I am so tired. Any suggestions as to how I can get the strenght I need to carry on. I just wish my life would get easier or simpler so I can have time for myself. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Dear Just wondering...,

First of all, it sounds like you haven't made any effort whatsoever to make any time for yourself. Whether it be spreading your time between your children, grandchildren, spouse, etc. You need to make a concious effort to get away from it all and veg!  I'm not sure what your "fun" budget is, but you need to get out and do something for you and only YOU! As far as emotional strength, looking to God and being around good people who promote a positive environment is key. Don't feel sorry for yourself as it will only add to the stress you're already feeling; get off your butt and have some fun!

Sista (La'ie, HI, usa)

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