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Dear Sista Advices
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Dear Sista, I am having problems managing school,church callings, self image, and boys what advice can you give me?

Dear Anonymous,

Think first what you don't need maybe the guys if you still young, and get your priorities in order. Remember you can only do so much. And pray alot, and listen to that still small voice if will lead you the right way.

unknown (Laie, Hawaii, USA)

Dear Anonymous,

From the list given what are your priorities? I deem Steven Coveys "Seven Habits for Highly Effective People" very helpful...Remember to fill your life with the important things like prayer, daily service, pay an honest tithe and generous fast offering  and everything else will fall into place. The obvious priority here is the Lord so pay attention to His needs and he wil pay attention to yours.  Your life is what you (and no one else) makes of it.

Sista (Laie, HI)

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