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Dear Sista, I have a brother in law who is very deeply addicted to meth. This drug has affected his life & those around him very negatively. He is 40yrs old, lives @ home , doesnt have a job or attempts to get one, is extremely disrespectful to his parents, throws tantrums when he doesnt get his way, is a dead beat dad & etc.... the list goes on. The thing is, non of his siblings or parents are doing anything. They complain about his behavior but yet no attempts to help him or the situation . Is there a way I can bring this up with the family or a suggestion to fix this problem?

Dear "In da middle"...Situations such as these can be difficult when you're not really an immediate family member. Have you brought this up with your husband to begin with? What is the status of your relationship with your brother-in-law? Do you think he will take your advice to heart if offered? You're in sort of a 'catch 22' situation where you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't. Handling anyone on drugs is difficult and even more difficult when it's 'family'. I am lost for words on this one. Perhaps you could talk to someone in the family whom you trust, but pray about it first and ask the Lord to guide you to say the right things (at the right time). You might think no one is doing anything, but his parents could be praying for him and only hoping for the best. There are many things 'behind the scenes' that take place so we may not want to jump to any conclusions until we know the whole story. Anyone else have advice for "In da middle"?    

Sista (Laie, Hawaii, USA)

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