Musical Truth Vol 3 - His Love

"His Love" Friends from the past as well as new friends we have made in the process joined in both heart and voice to create "His Love". Although a different but refreshing feel, Musical Truth volume III continues to hold true to the simplicity of gospel truths- The Spirit of "Aloha" or Charity, The pure love of Christ.

"Supplication", MT Select"; "His Love", Keenan Kanahele; "Courage", Britani Bateman; "Take My Heart", Keenan Kanahele & Keala Settle; "Forgive Me", Keala Settle (by Donna Sommer); "Never Before", Shawn Keliiliki & Michellei Powell; "One Last Look", Keala Settle, Jolene K. & Jolene Bradshaw (Taken from poem Farewell to the Diva by Ashlyn Teed); "An Angel for Me", Michellei Powell (written for and dedicated to brother Joe Delarosa); "Your Light", Britani Bateman; "No One", Kenny Yarbrough & Michellei Powell; "Heirlooms", Jolene Bradshaw, Keala Settle & Jolene K. (by Amy Grant); "Here I Kneel", Britani Bateman; "Be Like the Man", Kenny Yarbrough; "There Is Peace", MT Select; Bonus Tracks:"Tell Me the Stories of Jesus (W.H. Parker & Frederic A. Challinor)/Jesus Once Was a Little Child" (by James R. Murray & Joseph Ballantyne) & "Teach Me to Walk in the Light (by Clara McMaster) /We'll Bring the World His Truth" (by Janice Kapp Perry) , sung by Musical Truth, La'ie.

*MT Select - Keala Settle, Bertha Samoa, Jolene K., Jolene Bradshaw, Michellei Powell, Kaniela Kalama, Fred Sheehan & Shawn Keliiliki.

**Vocal arrangements to songs of guest composers; and words and music to remaining songs written by Jolene Kanahele.

01. Supplication See Lyrics USD $1.00
02. His Love See Lyrics USD $1.00
03. Courage See Lyrics USD $1.00
04. Take My Heart See Lyrics USD $1.00
05. Forgive Me USD $1.00
06. Never Before See Lyrics USD $1.00
07. One Last Look See Lyrics USD $1.00
08. An Angel for Me See Lyrics USD $1.00
09. Your Light See Lyrics USD $1.00
10. No One See Lyrics USD $1.00
11. Heirlooms USD $1.00
12. Here I Kneel See Lyrics USD $1.00
13. Be Like the Man See Lyrics USD $1.00
14. There is Peace See Lyrics USD $1.00
15. Tell Me the Stories of Jesus USD $1.00
16. Teach Me to Walk in the Light USD $1.00