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What Chew Sat?

"Watt Chew Sat?" Is La'ie's version of Mad Gab that had to be made up by a FOB or someone who married one. This game is hilarious if you play it right! See how many points you can get in 60 seconds! Remember...It's not what you see, it's what you hear. Play it in groups...it's hilarious!"

"Owl to Pray" (How to Play):

* Print out and cut each word or phrase into strips (regular paper is ok, but printing on card stock is highly recommended.)
* 5-6 players on a team (or how ever many you like).
* Each time has a "Giver", the person showing the word or phrase to the rest of the team (may rotate each round) and a "Receiver", the person reading out loud, the word or phrase shown on the card.
* Each team is timed by a person on the opposing team.
* Each team has 60 seconds to guess as many words or phrases shown to them by the "Giver" (and read by the "Receiver")
* Each word or phrase is worth the amount of points in parentheses (1), (2), (3), etc. So it really doesn't matter how many words or phrases you guess, what matters are the points per word or phrase.
* The opposing team can STEAL a word or phrase that was not guessed by the playing team.
* They who have the most points WINS!


* If you wish to create a more permanent game for your family you may need to cut and paste to a word document (both words and answers) and print back to front. Suggested font/size for words or phrases: Use Lithograph/24 pt. Suggested font/size for answers: Century Gothic/10 pt. the color should be gray so it's not readable when showing the word or phrase to the "Receiver". Words or phrases and answers should be printed back to front. Printing on card stock highly recommended.

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