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Only In Laie

The Original...

Do kids drive their parents’ car thinking their school I.D. is a valid driver license… Is age 20 the average age to get a driver license…are we born, married, and die to feed the whole community……do meetings begin when everyone arrives…is pake cake and soda considered ‘the breakfast of champions’…do we see our neighbors raking their yards and checking their mail in their kamakis…can the Mail Man tell you exactly when your mail has arrived and lets you pick it up earlier than when his delivery route is scheduled…can “last minute’ mean you were told weeks ago…do we know everyone’s business and make it our own…does a flood mean, time to play!...Can crashing a party be taken as an invite.…do things ‘happen’ after 9:30 p.m....will ‘refreshments’ be an incentive to attend our meetings; or is it just a ‘Mormon’ thing?…Can events cost fifty cents and we still try to sneak in.…are we disappointed when the hurricane doesn’t hit.…does a Tsunami warning mean “surf’s up!”…can bikinis and bathing suits be considered out of standards just because we’re all covered up in a lava-lava and t-shirt.…can “nepotism” not apply.…can we live within walking distance to work and still drive.…do we consider cookies and punch at a wedding a nursery snack…do elementary school kids think the President of the United States is Gordon B. Hinckley. And…Only in Laie…Are we fortunate to have our beloved Prophet and General Authorities visit often…Will you find a major tourist attraction, a University, and the House of the Lord right next to each other…Do we have the opportunity to work at this tourist attraction, get a college education, and fulfill ourselves spiritually…can we witness a baptism at the beach…can we attend devotionals with messages that uplift and encourage us to be Christ like…can we find a variety of talents to share with the world…do we go missionary farewell hopping…can we associate daily with people on an international level…is there strength in diversity…can a Seminary teacher be your boss…can our co-workers be our closest friends…is simplicity the best policy…do we work for love…do we say ‘hello’ to strangers…will we pull together to help a neighbor…are we blessed to have each other…are we “fortunate to live”…Only in Laie.

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