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On February 12, 1955, when President David O. Mckay dedicated a portion of Laie for the construction of BYU-Hawaii (formerly known as The Church College of Hawaii), he said, “We dedicate our actions in this service that the college, and the temple, and the town of Laie may become a missionary factor, influencing not thousands, not tens of thousands, but millions of people who will come seeking to know what this town and its significance are.” Although Laie was just a tiny, isolated village at the time, this incredible prophecy has been and continues to be fulfilled. Millions of people from all over the world have and continue to travel to the town of Laie to visit the Polynesian Cultural Center, BYU-Hawaii and the Laie Hawaii Temple.

With this prophecy in mind, "Only in Laie.com" was created by natives of La’ie to serve as the communication center for current and former residents, visitors and future visitors to interact and stay connected. As OnlyInLaie.com developed we found a need to keep such individuals current on desired information, products and services unique to La’ie. Our creative team has assembled ideas and concepts that flowed and soon developed, providing a unique mix of merchandise, services and information available to all.


Our mission is to provide a website dedicated to the community of La’ie as a central location for information, services, news, events, merchandise, businesses, Church activities etc. that connect residents, former residents, and visitors world-wide.


La'ie dwells in the hearts of all who have visited and are a part of this special place, and we seek to maintain that feeling with all who visit Onlyinlaie.com. With this in mind, we will strive to deliver, across the board, content that is outstanding and creative to build upon the wealth of La'ie, and to develop new and innovative ways to delight all audiences.

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