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Crack Up

Stay in the Circle

Fwd Manu

Manuel (on Podagee) was driving home when a bunch of guys pulled him over by the beach. Manuel was ordered to get out of the car and stand in the circle they drew in the sand; and if he didn't remain in that circle they were going to beat the living daylights out of him.

So, while Manuel is standing in the circle the guys are going through his car and transporting goods from his car to theirs. Then the Manuel starts laughing hysterically. The guys say, "Brah, why you laughing?" Manuel ignores them and says, “Whatever!" 

They guys then begin busting up Manuel's car; cracking the mirrors, bashing in the windshield, slashing all four tires, and each time they do something mean to the car Manuel's hysterical laugh gets worse. The guys, now frustrated says "Brah why you laughing again! We busting up your car and you laughing! You kind of lolo ah?"

Manuel quickly replies with a grin..."Ha! Ha! I stepped out of the circle three time and you guys neva catch me!"

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