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Crack Up

Twins, Triplets, and...

Fwd Tellie

There were three fathers to be, two Haoles and one Samoan, in a hospital waiting room, waiting for their babies to be born.

The first nurse comes out and tells the first father, "Congratulations Mr. Harris you're the father of twins!" He says, “Great! I am the manager for the Minnesota Twins.”

The second nurse comes out and tells the second father, "Congratulations Mr. Chase you're the father of triplets”! He says, "That's cool! I work for 3M."

The Samoan father just opens the window and jumps out.

The third nurse comes out, and asks, “Where's Mr. Tofala?"

His brother who was waiting with him said, "Oh he jump out the window.”

The nurse asks, "Why?"

He replied, "He works for the Seven Up!"
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