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Smoke Gets In Your Clothes

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I remember when I was a little girl, my great grand father Muelu Meatoga had a pile of rubbish on the side of his Samoan fale. When the pile was high he would get his (glass) gallon of kerosene (he had purchased from Tanaka Store) do a couple splashes on the pile and light his match. The pile went up in flames and boy was it a sight to see. I don't recall the trash men making their rounds to pick up leaves and grass, they picked up everything but. Almost every house had their own (homemade) incinerator to get rid of all the leaves that were raked up during the week. The only thing was, when the women in town were out hanging their laundry on the clothes line, nothing would upset them more than smoke coming from every direction just anxious to set in on the damp laundry. I remember my Mom being upset at the old man Pasi who lived across the street. No miss...he would always manage to make his umu when Mom was washing clothes...LOL! Not funny then, but it's all in the past and we can laugh about it now.

One day when Mom was hanging the laundry, she smelled some smoke and it was coming from Pasi's house.  Mom was furious because she was sure Pasi's only intention was to irritate her. I think she actually imagined him waiting behind the bushes, watching to see exactly when she would start hanging her clothes so he could get started on his fire. Anyway, Mom walked across the street to Pasi's yard, grabbed the hose, turned on the water and started putting out the fire. Pasi was so upset, but wouldn't dare challenge "Foua".  Well, he soon learned and knew better than to build a fire when Foua was doing laundry. However, Pasi took it out on us when we were playing kickball one day and our ball rolled across the street into Pasi's yard. I forgot which one of us kids ran into his yard to retrieve the ball when "CHOP!" There went our ball.  Pasi had chopped our ball in half with his bolo knife...the ball had turned into two rubber cereal bowls that we dared not touch...LOL! Those were the good ole days!

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