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Talk About Smoke...

Niue Suschnigg
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OMG Piilani...I remember those days. It sure wasn't funny then because we use to get lickins...If it wasn't the slippa it would be an ulu flying either right at us or just when we duc down really fast....I remember when my dad use to have us burn the leaves right on Kulanui St. under the great big pine tree. Old man charlie Goo would yell and say betta make sure it's dry leaves!
Da ting Stink you know! ????? What did we know?  all we knew was my dad telling us to burn the rubbish. My dad was in the military (Marines) and when they tell you jump you just ask how high? I'm sure he is glad no body burns rubbish anymore.
We still love you charlie Goo....now that I think of it Aunty Emma never did grumble about that. ha! ha! ha!
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