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Do You Remember This?

Dempsey Unga
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Does anyone remember the Laie dump on the egg farm road, could never figure why we hauled home more stuff than we dumped! or big the huge under ground cavern across the dump that all the honey bucket trucks (sewer trucks) used to pull up, open the man hole and dump there load, that hole never filled up, they sealed the cover years later when someone figure out it might contaminate our drinking water! Anyone remember riding thier bicycles behind the big mosquito fogger truck through Laie, that explains why my generation was kolohe ;) Does anyone remember the old Japanese Hongwanji red archway that stood in the bushes across (Kahuku side) from the old portion of Laie graveyard its gone now someone set fire to it. Hows about crawling down the big lava tube at end of Laie Point (they buried it & built house on it!) or hiking up to the Big "C" on the hill behind BYU-H when the school was still named Church College of Hawaii:) No 7-11's or Foodland, just the lone soda machine at Laie Chevron 25 cents for soda, every body hanging around the soda machine, midnight runs for soda & talk story;) Riding the storm surge down Laie river in big truck tubes (Eh what is leptospirosis?) from Aunty Wasson place with Lancelot ahquin and his brothers all the way out to the river mouth near Hukilau! The river used to wind like a snake, making for intresting ride! Everyone carried long sticks to push off the banks and push debri away from us! Remember the big Hau tree at Laie school (makai field), the best jungle jim set we ever had! Good old Laie, the BEST PLAY GROUND in the world:)

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By smiley @ 2008-12-23 15:37:48
anaheim, ca., usa
wat about beauty hole? matsuda gas station wen was 25 cense fo 1 gallon gas n we had to have 25 cense fo go surfing wit "K" hawaiis icon n my guru fo hawaiis own big wave rider of da 50's n 60's. k kaio was da surfa befo eddie aikau. n by da way k was one of da original laie boys.

By Anonymous @ 2009-01-10 17:27:09
Oceanside, CA, USA
And da hukilau, before PCC came along. The tourists use to have sit on the concrete benches that we use to run and jump across on. There use to be a barbershop by the circle of Naniloa Lp, on the corner of Wahinepee St and Poohaili St. Now dat's going way back when. :)

By Anonymous @ 2013-01-29 15:21:30
El Monte, Californa, United States
The hang loose sign started by uncle Hamana Kalili. I remember the old poi factories at Kelii's, Poi Kekauoha's and one next to Uncle Hamana Kalii's home. I remember Laie Day celebratinon at Laie School. The old tommy burger shop by the temple, free movie, open air theater at the old Laie park next to the Enos home, remember the kids in Laie got together and went up the mountain at the back of Laie Hawaii Temple, those were the days. Remember the old filipino camp. Laie had alot of Aloha then, doors and windows were left unlocked no security alarm or locked gates, even the dogs wander around the town without license. I remember when I knew every family in Laie by name, matter of fact the majority of them were related. family built in baby sitters. How do I miss those days. Much Aloha to All A Laie Home Born

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