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No Place Like Home

Niue Suschnigg
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Wow Dempsey, Piilani and Jolene just reading those stories brought back memories and a little smile to know that I wasn't the only one that did those things. Papa Sam was totally the best of the best on New Years....scambling hills was the bomb, Laie Falls makes me feel so old. I was able to climb up and down those hills but today I can only climb in my dreams....Do you remember doing service project at the cackle fresh? I remember Aunty Felila yelling at Walter Wongs boys for riding their dirt bike up and down the road. The banyan trees next to the temple was our swing those days.

I remember playing jax with golf balls and rocks...We used to put rubberbands together so we can play that hop scotch game. And yes Charlie Goo was the man. The Juke box will always hold good memories. Do you remember when the Enos or was it the Au's that had the old washerette across the Pita's home? We love looking for loose change there too and of course the bottles so we can buy pake cake and soda.

What about Kakiyama? near Aunty Dawn Wasson place. We use to go up to pick up the best mango's. Working at the church farm was back then too. I don't hear to much of the wards doing that today. Oh how times have changed!

Nell Ava shared a story about the mosquito trucks. Back then we just went running after the trucks for the fun of it. Kika Moeai used to yell us for riding our bikes on his beautiful grass. He seemed mean but he was the nicest person on the block. Picking up sea grapes to eat and plums at the scrambling hills to mix with sugar and shoyu...hmmmm those were the good ol' days. Mango with sugar and pepper when we ran out of shoyu.

Thanks for sharing those lovely memories.

No Place like HOME in Laie

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