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Tetuatehiapo Tihoni (Mama Pu)

Niue Suschnigg
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I just returned today from Mama Tetua's services and I have been so blessed to have known this beautiful Tahiatian Mother to many. I was sadden to hear of her passing but I'll keep her sweet memories in my heart.  Papa Pu and Mama Tetua were my mom and dad's best friends.  Papa Pu and Tetua would always council us with our presents in the community and to always speak kindly of others.  I'm sure all of you may have yours but, I just would like to pay tribute to such a wonderful Tahitian Couple who lived in Laie so very long ago when the polynesian Cultural Center was first built.  Tetua would never pass you with out saying Hello and of course greeted with the formal cheek to cheek kiss. How are you? How's the kids?
Make sure you take of the kids and know that our heavenly father will always bless you was her council to me daily.

As our family grew and "Ma" passed away I always took  the time to go see her.  If she wasn't home I knew she was with the Tovey family in Laie.  I never really worried about her because I could see that this wonderful family loved and cared for her til the end. Sister Tovey and I have met maybe once or twice but not formally she was always with Mama Tetua and I knew then that she would never be alone.

Each Christmas the "Malufau" Family would gather on christmas eve and we would select name of families and friends we would go christmas caroling too. Tetua was always on the list along with Aunty Tau Moeai, and other families.

The first year we tried this, we went over on the PCC trolley and I believe we woke her up along with the rest of the Seniors in Kahuku.  With tears she cried and said you neva have to do this....all the children were just so happy to see her surprised but, she was especially happy to see all of Tauamo's children.

She remembered us the older ones but, had to count all of our children, grand children and nephews and nieces.

She said Ma would have been blessed to see how many grandchildren she had.  Along with the goodies we would help carry it in and  she would reply  "Oh I don't have anything for you?" but I would kindly tell her  "We only need to see you Tetua" and know that you are okay. We are were so blessed.

It became a yearly event until last year she wasn't home.
We knew she was with the Tovey's so we continued our journey to Hauula and Laie.

Her testimony was strong. She always said to stay close to the church. Bishop Mariteragi gave a wonder Eulogy and Uncle David Hanneman topped it off with the history and legacy she left behind.  

The Tahitian Community seranaded us with beautiful tahitian music.  Bro. Teriipaia you need to have a Tahitian Choir.
We were so blessed to hear the music of the islands and the growth of the gospel. Maruru, Maruru it was the music of the angels.  I'm sure Papa Pu was their awaiting his beautiful  queen to arrive and unite as one and of course filled with joy to hear you all sing the lovely songs of  Tahiti.

This is the song I loved the most and bishop Schlag had agreed.

E Te Mau Tamarii

E te mau tamarii, faaroa to aoutou na metua i te fatura
E parau tia, hoi te reira faatura i to metua tane
To metua vahine te ture, matamura i pahono hia mai i te
matai faaite hia mai e, ia maitai hoi oe

English: Children, obey your parents, this is pleasing unto the lord.  Honor your father and mother, this law was given that all might have joy

I Love You Mama Tetua!
Have a safe trip home....

Love Always,
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