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Living at Kakela Beach

Dempsey Unga
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Any Labor Missionary generation out there will remember this. I can still remember running around Kakela when my parents along with other labor missionary families that lived in the dormitory buildings at Kakela Beach now called Kokololio Beach. My poor mom was always worried I'd end up drowning at the beach! Little did she know how many times I sneaked off to play in the waves & begin my life long beach bum ways ;) I remember gathering up tons of Kamani nuts and finding some one to crack them open for me, good grief you had to gather hundreds too make a mouth full! what the heck they tasted like almonds and it was FREE! I dont know why, but the big grass fields attracted tons of frogs, creating another new game for a little advaturous boy......Golfing for toads with BIG stick! Hey what can I say NO TV, COMPUTERS, or VIDEO games I had to get creative and to have FUN. I remember one day when the well head for capped artesian near the dorms blew! The water spout was higher the iron woods tree's! The well head is still there in the park. There used to a pavillion located atop the hill where th Hau bush is, there stood the white statue of a mother holding her child, that statue was eventually moved to BYU-HC where it now stands in the courtyard adjacent to the auditurium. Poor single labor missionaries were recruited to baby sit me when my mom & dad had to work, I'm sorry if I caused you any perminant emotional damage due to stress making sure I wa safe till mom & dad returned from work;) Kakela was a dream come true for a little curly haired boy, tons of tree's, bushes and beach to play and a dorm full of the best Aunties, Uncles & friends to play with! I consider myself LUCKY to have childhood memories of Kakela & Laie.          

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