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The Game of Pani

Teddy Kamai
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I remember the good ole days when we use to make up games on Moana street to play because we were bored of playing the same ole games of two hand touch football, sky-innie, chasing-master, hide and seek, or just running sprints from light pole to light pole.  Anyway, the game we invented was "Pani" and the teenage boys from the streets of Laie and families; Kamai, Tapusua, Moe, Alisa, Tailele, Masoe, Nauahi, Naeole, Kanahele, Pukahi, Nihipali, Okimoto, Fehoko, Hemuli, Manumaleunga, AhQuin, Nuimatalolo, Kekauoha, Coburn just to name a few would gather in front of the Kamai's house after doing our homework and chores to start the game.  We needed a ball, 15 empty soda/juice cans and two teams evenly divided.  The object of the game is to stack the cans up into a pyramid and counting to 10 before getting hit by the ball that was thrown by the opposing team.  The opposing team could hit the pyramid down and scatter the cans all over the place - than we are back to square one and the team would have to stack the cans up again and avoid getting hit by the ball.  This would go on until everyone on the team setting up the pyramid gets out/hit by the ball - than the teams would side out.  This game is almost like dodge-ball at a fast pace with no boundaries.  If you catch a ball, you can bring back one of your team players that was hit.  We could play this game all night and that was the good ole days of inventing games on the streets in Laie.  

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By Alma Toelupe @ 2010-06-03 23:24:41
Laie, HI, USA
Wow we used to play this game on Iosepa st during the mid 80's. We used to play all day long. Nice to know where it originated from.

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