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"Camp Out Kakela"

Jolene Kanahele
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Bishop Robinson was the Bishop of the 70's. La'ie 2nd ward had the best ward camps as far as I can remember.  If we weren't waking up to the military bugle, then we were eating our slices of bread with Mom Enos' delicious guava jam.  There were so many activities for all ages.  The primary kids would go fishing and get a prize, the youth would go crabbing, there would be a huge raft in the deep water and we all would see who was brave enough to swim to it.  If you were hungry, you could count on anyone to feed you. 


I remember all the primary kids sitting in the main tent (in the 70's) when Aunty Sunday Mariteragi taught us this song (singing to the tune of "My Name Is Michael"...



When the whole world gets me down

And I'm tired of living in town.

I pack my bags, and pack my tent;

And head for camp Kakela where they pay

no rent.

Where the families laugh, and the families play.

And they sing their songs all day.

Let's go to campout, campout Kakela

Campout Kakela fun everyday.

 Bring all the family and the mo'opuna

That's where we want to stay!

La'ie 2nd Ward camp was da best!

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