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In Memory of La'ie...

Iwalani Su'apaia
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I have been away from Laie for many years but the memories never fade away. Grandma had a house right across the Hukilau. (Grandma Taimi Fonoimoana). I remember the white picket fence & the tall trees to block the wind. The house was very big. In the back was Wahinepee St. One side was an open field where cars would park for the hukilau.Open fields everywhere. Some of the largest Ulu trees in the back yard. I remember families coming to get Ulu all the way from town. I remember grandma MADE my sister Millie & I dance for the Hukilau back in the late 60's. SOMETHING ABOUT SAMOAN GRANDMA'S. You couldn't say no. In her 80's, she would sasa you. I remember dad sending me to Sam's store to get sugar. Sam wasn't even up. I had to knock on his door & wake him up. We walk in the store, lights still off. I was more afraid coming home empty handed then waking Sam up. I remember running behind the mosquito truck, lolo or what! I remember my Lolofie Cousins, back then I wasn't sure how we were related. I know now. I remember the Adam's 5 (my sister millie & bro Harry). The Leong boys, cuzn Tau Hunkin all the musicians back then playing for church dances @ 1st ward bld for .50. The Smiling Souls, Laie Park, Chicken Farm ward projects. Hearing the surf pound & fear of a Tsunami. Picking up coconuts after a storm, walking around Laie & surveyin all the fallin' trees. We moved now to Wahinepe St. neighbors to Jr & Simi AhYou. My mom really liked Simi. Talking to Jimmy Snuka as he walked past the house. These are fond memories embedded in my heart of Laie. A treasured memory forever. To my grandma Taimi resting @ Laie cemetary & Auntie Aliitasi Su'apaia & all my extended Laie Aiga & 'Ohana thanks for the memories.

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By Salu Tagoai-Tuigamala @ 2010-05-03 00:58:43
Hauula, HI, USA
That was a great story Iwa. It brought back some great memories. Although we lived in Hauula most of our young lives it always felt like we lived in Laie because we were there most of the time. I remember coming to Grandma Taimi's house and thinking what a great place to live. Yup, those were the days. My family and I are now in American Samoa, but Laie will always be a part of us. Thanks for the story.

By jason @ 2010-05-18 19:45:44
herriman, ut, usa
I grew up in Laie in the 70's. A hauli boy on loala st. but my parents and grandparents lived there for so long I was a local. went to sam's store all the time for paki cake and orange soda. went to the beach seems like every day. I remember my dad taking us to goat island several times. we always hiked to laie falls and picked guava so mom could make jam. going around the block the day after 4th of july or new years and picking up the unlit firecrackers. when we had to move back to the mainland in 81 I remember sam let us come into his store and we got to pick all the candy we wanted to take with us, all for free. what a great place to be a kid. I think about it all the time.

By N.Jean Malufau @ 2011-02-23 14:04:14
Laie, Hawaii, Oahu
Those were the good ole days indeed...hana budda nose! Grandma Taimi, Aunty Mate, my mom, Aunty Mealii...mark orange lei's we use to pick from Sam's fence...soda & pake-cake early in the morning...Memories we will always cherish...Sis Kawahigashi teaching us how to play the ukulele...sending missionary letters with a couple of dollars...We were truly blessed.

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