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J. Kanahele
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Did anyone ever call Temple Beach "Red House" back in the day? I don't remember Temple Beach being called or known as Temple Beach until I was a bit older. It seems with all the erosion, the beaches aren't quite the same anymore. Temple Beach was a little flatter and there was more sand space to sit on and run around. I don't remember the reef being so close to shore either. Oh how I miss our childhood when everything in La'ie was just PERFECT!

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By Ruthie @ 2011-10-16 14:49:15
Killeen, TX, USA
That is the only way I have ever known it to be. A more "harsh" experience in the water. Baptized @ Temple beach 1985. I don't recall the beach conditions.

By Alama @ 2011-12-27 23:14:54
Salt Lake City, Utah, Salt Lake
It's 29 degrees just outside my house (freezing bradah), and I am plenty homesick for Temple Beach. I spend so many carefree days (years) playing, swimming, and later fishing there. Funny, we didn't call it the Red House beach because I neva had learned to speak the kine English yet. In my childhood Tongan tongue I referred to the Red House as the Fale Kulokula, same thing eh. Mahalo. Just the thought is already keeping me warm.

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