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Food Rap "Sugar Cane Train" [More recipes...] | [Printer Friendly]


1 (18.25 OZ.) pkg. Pillsbury Moist Supreme German chocolate Premium Cake Mix; 1 1/4 cups water; 1/3 cup oil; 3 eggs; 1 (12 oz.) can sweetened condensed (not evaporated) milk; 1 (12.25 oz.) Smucker's caramel Topping; 1 (8 oz.) container frozen whipped topping, thawed; 4 (2.1 oz.) skor or heath bars (any nice chocolate candy bar works.).

Bake cake in 13x9 inch pan as directed.  Cool cake for 5 minutes.  Using handle of wooden spoon, poke several holes in cake.  Meanwhile, in a small bowl, mix condensed milk and caramel topping.  Reserve 1/2 cup of the mixture and set aside.  Pour remaining caramel mixture evenly over warm cake.  Cool completely.  Place whipped topping in medium bowl.  Fold in reserved caramel mixture.  Spread evenly over cake.  Sprinkle with chopped candy bar.  Refrigerate until served.  Store loosely covered in refrigerator.

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