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The True Vine

Brad Wilcox & Steven Kapp Perry

In scriptures Iíve read that all who embark

In the service of God, must give all of their heart.

But sometimes itís hard to search out those who seek

When spirit is willing, but flesh is weak.

The scriptures have said, and I do believe

With God all is possible, even for me.

The way will be open if only Iíll seek

The words will be given if only Iíll speak.

I am the branch, Thou art the vine

I know Iíll have strength if my hand is in Thine.

Please nourish and help me to grow as I should

And in turn I will promise Thee fruit that is good.

The call has been sent to all who will hear

The weak will be strengthened, the promise is clear.

And just as a child is dependent on me

I too Lord will learn to lean upon Thee.

(repeat chorus, end)


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