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Thank You for the Love

BYU Hawaii Men/Women's Choir 2003
Written for and dedicated to Merrilee Webb as sung by the BYU Hawaii Mens/Womens Chorus. Words & Music by J. Kanahele

There was no sunshine here

There were no rainbows until you appeared.


I wanted something more

Then you came along and opened the door.


Then you held my hand with song

With melodies oh so strong


A soul so inviting

Forever dividing rewards from Heaven above.

A new dawn awakens

And our hearts have taken a turn for good.



So thank you for the love

And thank you for the joy;

Thank you for the peace you bring

Our hearts are touched now hear us sing.

The gratitude we feel;

Our souls cannot conceal.

A guiding light to lead the way

Your melody rings true each day

So thank you! Thank you for the love.

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