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In these tough economic times it is wise to be frugal; and better yet, your children will learn to 'make do' with what they have. Here's some tips shared by Kristen Tuifua of the La'ie 8th Ward.  Kristen says...

1) We use powdered milk from the Bishop’s storehouse. Tastes like skim from the store and is less than $2/gal.

2) I make bread instead of buying it. We invested in a wheat grinder and it is great.

3) Homemade pizza: you can make two huge pies for under $5/ea. (including the pepperoni!)

4) Use my food storage: oats, wheat, etc. and I store them in 5 gal buckets if I know I am going to use it within a year, instead of the mylar bags. It holds just as well, and I don't waste bags. The buckets I can use again and again. There is a lady in pearl city who's hubby works at a bakery. They take the frosting buckets home, wash them out, and sell them for $2/ea. including the  rubber seal lid (they are 4 gal).  $2 vs. $6 at home depot for the buckets without the rubber seal.

5) We participate in a fruit and veggie co-op. The price is set, so you are budgeted, and you get way more than if you were to go to the store. The variety/quantity is greater as well. We eat much more in the fruit/veggie dept. than we were before. It's the first time I've used zucchini and now my fam loves it.

6) Pasta. I know this isn't something that Polynesians usually like to eat, but if you need to feed a lot of people, it's a wonder. Pasta you can find for $1/lb. (less from the storehouse), and if you get the sauce from Costco, it is way cheaper.  It also helps to use any veggies in the fridge. Any veggie goes with pasta, and meat is optional.  I had to feed 7 people dinner, so I made Alfredo with mushrooms and shredded chicken, salad, and homemade bread. It cost me less than $10.

7) Using rags instead of Paper towels... I only use PT to clean the bathroom because there are just some things I don't even want to try to wash out!

8) We use a fan/clothes line to save on electricity.

9) For dish soap: if you have a sandwich sized plastic container, put some dish soap in the bottom and fill the container with water, then dip your sponge in the thick soapy water to do dishes, you can do at least two loads of dishes with the one large squirt of soap. My sis in law showed me that.  :)

10) I buy the large LYSOL multipurpose concentrate at Costco for $6, and dilute it in water in a spray bottle. I use it for everything including my counters, mirrors, windows, and mopping the floor. The concentrate lasts me 6 months, sometimes longer.

11) If I need to send something via mail, and it is a little bigger than my envelopes, I use a lunch bag. It's brown, costs way less than the commercial larger envelopes, and works just as well. (That is from "The Tightwad Gazette" vol. 2) I love those books! I think the Kahuku library has vol. 2, but not vol. 1, 3. I'm still looking for the other two to read.

12) We went to city mill and bought bamboo shoots from the lumber area for 1.99 for the 5 ft. ones and 2.99 for the 8-9 ft. ones. We use them as curtain rods, works great. They don't rust/bend like the ones from Walmart. 

13) We don't use these all the time, but I have made curtains out of old sheets, and pot holders out of old jeans.

14) Chicken bouillon ($5 for a 2.2 lb. jar at Costco) instead of broth. You only need a tsp to make one cup. Beef bouillon as well. You can make 25 C of beef broth from bouillon cubes for less than $2.00 instead of paying $1/can at the store.

15) Use taco seasoning instead of the packaged chili seasoning for Chili. Costco has bulk taco seasoning.

If you have any money saving tips that you would like to share you can email us onlyinlaie@gmail.com and we will be happy  post your ideas. 

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By Patricia Hubner @ 2011-10-16 14:48:56
Rochester, New York, USA
Thanks for sharing a lot of creative ideas!

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